The Constituent Meeting of the Future Forward Party

On 27 May 2018, the first chapter of the history of the Future Forward Party was written. Over 700 founding members across the country ranging from network representatives from the central, northern, northeastern, and southern regions, to labour groups, and New Gen Network, attended the constituent meeting of the Future Forward Party to agree upon the party’s regulations, core values, and policy framework, as well as to elect the party’s executive committee. The ultimate goal of the Future Forward Party is to build a new future, one that adheres to democracy, upholds human rights principles, respects human dignity, establishes an equal society, and encourages a progressive and creative economy. As a people’s party, we extended our invitation to the general public, diplomats from 15 countries, and representatives from the EU and UN to witness our first gathering.

The Future Forward Party are determined to reform Thai politics on three pillars:

  1. Constructive politics – we embrace competitions based on ideologies and policies, offer progressive policies based on economic and political decentralisation, and equalise access to resources and capitals for all.
  2. Non-monopolised ownership party – all members partake in the ownership by co-funding and participating in decision making process and policy setting. The Future Forward Party sets the minimum fundraising goal at 350 million Baht for political undertakings until the Election Day. The budget spending will be transparent and open for public scrutiny. Moreover, the members of the executive committee were elected from the general meeting, in consideration of equal regional distribution, career and gender diversity. The party was also aware of equal representations from the labour and youth network, so that each and every sector would have their own representatives in the party’s executive structure.
  3. Long-term changes – victory in the upcoming election is not our sole objective. The Future Forward Party will continue to operate as political party, foundation, and social enterprise. As a political party, we will work in the parliamentary politics while as a foundation, we will disseminate our ideology and knowledge, acting as a think tank that propels changes to produce citizens who value democracy and human rights. As a social enterprise, we will serve as a policy laboratory and a provider of income opportunity for local residents.

With the three pillars, we will bring about constructive, transparent politics that benefits all the people and the country. The Future Forward Party raises a new flag to make politics people’s business, and it is the people who hold the highest power to decide for their future and their country.

Future Forward Party

For Thailand with a brighter future