Open Government Policy

Open Government Policy

Open Government Policy

The Future Forward Party is committed to efficient exercise of government power accompanied by public participation. Government policy implementation must be based on transparency and public participation, from the introduction of policies to opinion gathering and process of public decision making.

The Future Forward Party will push for public sector information to be published in electronic form, allowing the public to use the information and actively participate in the checks and balances system on the government and state agencies.

The Future Forward Party will push for publication of state agencies’ expense, purchase and minutes of their meetings.

The Future Forward Party will organize news and information of all state agencies to allow for a convenient access, with a priority on protecting privacy.

The Future Forward Party will push for Thailand to enter the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to promote information technology development in public sector and encourage public participation in accordance with universal democratic principles alongside the international community.

The Future Forward Party will promote public participation, from designating policies to decision making based on equal information of all sides, and develop public data centre to serve as a standard and innovation in accordance with expansion of telecommunication network and technological advancement, in order to grant accessibility to all groups of the population and support the collaboration between the government, private and civic sectors on a large scale information database with the aim to achieve transparency, efficiency and equal service to the public.

The Future Forward Party will implement an Open Government policy to promote direct democracy and increase public participation in key decision making processes as well as budget allocation.