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Our Vision


1. The Future Forward Party reassures Thai people that it is possible for us to return to democracy

A decade-long crisis has allowed a military dictatorship to take advantage of the Thai people and remain in power for a long time under the false pretext of acting as a ‘mediator’ of political conflicts. In reality, they are one of the factions fueling the conflict, only worsening the situation by perpetuating myths that aim to terrify the people into believing that democracy and elections are the ultimate cause of ongoing socio-political conflicts and violence. The people are, therefore, forced to succumb to military dictatorship ruling. Hence, leading many to give up hope and dismiss the return of democracy as a dead idea.

By building a completely new political party based on a new model of politics, the Future Forward Party aims to give back hope and inspire the Thai people that democracy is the solution and that an alternative political model is possible.

The Future Forward Party is offering hopeful alternative for a more transparent politics, a return to democracy and free and fair elections. Most importantly, the party reaffirms that political conflict is a common occurrence of democratic society which urges its people to learn and find solutions collectively.

2. The Future Forward Party aims to transform Thailand and contribute to its initiative

The Future Forward Party embraces new and inclusive management methods, combining both practical and theoretical knowledge to build a new model of politics and to design progressive policies.

The policies we propose will transform Thailand for the better, starting with a decentralization of government power in order to reform inefficient centralized system of bureaucratic polity. The policies we propose will promote equal social and economic opportunities, eliminate monopolized economy, and offer equal access to capital and resources, thereby reforming a system tailored to serve only a handful number of people. The Future Forward Party also aims to establish universal welfare system to guarantee that Thai people will live with dignity from birth to death.

The party proposes policies that will empower people to fulfill their potential and enable them to adapt to global changes and new challenges. Our policies set out a new educational, cultural and legal framework suitable to the changing ecosystem of modern economy.

3. The Future Forward Party aims to transform Thailand’s political landscape

The Future Forward Party aspires to put forward creative and practical policies. We strive to be a political institution in which all members own the party equally.

The Future Forward Party encourage public participation in our brainstorms, decision-making processes, fundraising and operations through an inclusive bottom-up model.

Our policies are based on both detailed research and public opinion. Our innovative structure and philosophy will allow us to set an important precedent and foster a new environment that will gradually transform Thailand’s political landscape.

Politics is finding creative solutions, and not a means to destroy one’s enemies.

Politics provides the inspiration to make positive changes, and not to conduct dirty business.

Politics is a competition in the interest of the public, and not a means to obtain personal advantages.

Politics should belong to the people, who should hold the ultimate power, and should not be monopolized by a few technocrats and bureaucrats.

The Future Forward Party is building a new model of politics that is unprecedented in Thailand and we are going to make it a reality. We should certainly draw lessons from the past, but we should not let it determine our future. The future is in our hands. If you believe that a new, different future is possible, then stand up and take action! We have the capacity to determine our own future. Thailand can no longer waste even more time and opportunities. Thai people deserve a better life and should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and make changes in a creative and democratic environment. The rights and legitimacy to determine our future belong only to we, the people, not anyone else.

We have now reached a crucial moment in our history. If we, the Thai people, do not stand up, take our future into our own hands and drag Thailand out of its ‘lost decade’, then our country risks irreparable ruin.

Together, we must break free from our country’s lost decade and restore hope and prosperity for the next decade.