Jaruwan Sarunyagate

Jaruwan Sarunyagate

Executive Committee

As an heir to a politician, Jaruwan had the chance to experience politics since her early twenties. Coming from the world of a marketing student at a private institution, she dropped out for over a year to find a new experience in Uttaradit province. During her time there, she devoted herself to the task of listening and learning stories of the locals who struggle through their daily problems. That led her to an understanding but also to question whether survival should be the only answer for the Thai people, or is it the case that actually everyone deserves to live with the fullest of human dignity.



Jaruwan was born on 24 November 1981, now 36 years old. Jaruwan is born and raised in Bangkok. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Assumption University.

Jaruwan is a private sector’s businesswoman who has successfully managed large Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) firms and is leading her own franchise business. Jaruwan represents the new generation of businesswomen who drive the economy across the country.

Her expertise in marketing and managing SMEs provides her with practical economic knowledge from market mechanisms to sectoral development, such as industries, agriculture and tourism, as well as income distribution.

Why Future Forward

Jaruwan’s admiration for Thanathorn’s dedication in leading change in society is what drove her to join the party. Before joining, she asked Thanathorn, what he would do if he loses? He replied with ‘[I would] continue to remain in politics because I do not seek victory. I seek changes, for the betterment of our country.’  With this reply, once he stated he is looking for more women to join with the Future Forward party, I volunteered myself.”

Interests and Hobbies

In her free time, Jaruwan enjoys music and travel.