Niraman Sulaiman

Niraman Sulaiman

Executive Committee

Niraman has a legal background. He is a lawyer at the Sak Khosangruang Law Office and is also a Director for Pattani Legal Consult Company. Working as a lawyer, he witnessed first-hand the many injustices of the Thai justice system, leading him to focus on human rights. He was also a visiting law professor at Prince of Songkla University, Fatoni University, and Yuwachit Business Administration School, and he is working to establish universities in three Southern provinces of Thailand. He was also Secretary-General for the 5th Legal Training Program at the Lawyers’ Council Under Royal Patronage.


Niraman was born on 7 January, 1961. He holds a bachelor of laws from Ramkhamhaeng University (Class of 1987) and a Master of Comparative Laws from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) (Class of 1998).

One of his notable achievements is his role in negotiating with over 10,000 protestors at Pattani Central Mosque in 2007. Niraman was appointed by the National Legislative Assembly as part of a committee to study and investigate the South Thailand Insurgency.

Why Future Forward

Niraman wants to see democratic principles and the respect for citizens’ rights entrenched in Thailand. He believes Future Forward is the means to lead Thailand forward on the international stage. Niraman would also like to see bureaucracy rid of corruption at all levels and education reforms for the greater prosperity of the people.