Yaowalux Wongpraparat

Yaowalux Wongpraparat

Executive Committee (North)

Yaowalux Wongpraparat spent five years working in the field of asset management at the Stock Exchange of Thailand. She lectured at Payap University before moving to her current position as the head of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Business School Department. Throughout her 15 years as a professor, Yaowalux has contributed to numerous field research in Chiang Mai, providing support for local health development programs as well as community projects.


Yaowalux was born on June 18, 1969, in Chiang Mai province, Thailand.

She graduated from University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce with a bachelor’s degree in International Business. She has worked as an assistant to the asset marketing manager at a public company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. After the economic crisis in 1997, she moved back to her hometown to continue her studies in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Chiang Mai University.

After graduation, she took on the position of professor at Payap University before moving to her current position as a lecturer and head of the Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Business School Department. She also lectures on personality improvement and industrial psychology.

Why Future Forward

Despite her academic contributions, Yaowalux feels research is not enough to move society forward. Once she heard the news about Future Forward party, she decides join without hesitation, to lead change in society and politics together with the other members of the party.

Yaowalux thinks that politics is an important matter for all people and that regardless of the participation, every single person is affected by politics in one way or another. She feels that every individual should take a stand and partake in designing the future for the next generations. To create a society with respect for human rights and dignity, where everyone is treated equally.

Fun Fact

Yaowalux enjoys drinking tea and making flower bouquets. She has an interest in arts, designs and music. She also believes that, the basis for moving social development is kindness among people. Yaowalux reads philosophy and psychology, which gives her a better understanding of society and herself.